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The RVLS, Rivals Co.

RVLS or Rivals Co. is a Los Angeles/Riverside based clothing brand that combines streetwear culture and sports. Creating a unique, simple, clean aesthetic, and quality apparel. We want the best, leaving no mercy on opponents, and eliminating the opposition. Leave your mark.

All RVLS products are USA made, and all prints are exclusive/limited to the general public. Exclusivity is our longevitity.

The Beginning

Established in 2010, RVLS started its company as Hundred Weight Classics. Being in the retail/clothing industry for over 6 years grew more interest into the business. Today, RVLS Rivals Co has grown notoriety for its sleek simple style, and support from all around the U.S. We specialize in t-shirt, hoodies, and other range of products. Everything is sold exclusively abd limited.
Thank you everyone for the overwhelming support.